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Paramount is more than just warehousing space. We know the importance of efficient warehousing and distribution services in the supply chain process. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of warehousing solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. From peak seasons to new product launches, we offer the flexibility you need to accommodate your inventory management.

We provide warehousing service coverage in each of the top cities and gateway ports in the U.S. Our crossdocking & transloading services involve the transfer of goods from one transportation mode to another, allowing for the optimization of shipping costs and increased flexibility in transportation option.

The seamless transfer significantly reduces handling costs and transit times, meanwhile delivering speed and accuracy to your supply chain.

Paramount warehousing is fully equipped and prepared for all of your warehousing and distribution needs. With the latest in information management technology, fully web-based infrastructure digitalizes your inventory and orders, which allows real time client access for inventory check and fast order lookup.

Our fulfillment processes are built to deliver a positive experience for your customers. Utilizing technology to provide order accuracy and visibility, we ensure orders are shipped quickly and efficiently, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

We do all the required operational FBA process including loading/ unloading the products carefully into our warehouse, sorting them and keep them safe there.

After this according to the FBA prep specifications and of course your requirements and instructions, we carry out the prep services including labelling, bundling, Poly Bagging, carton forwarding, etc. before we pack and ship your merchandise to Amazon warehouses according to your FBA shipping plan with 48 hours guaranteed turnaround time. We are here to make your Fulfillment by Amazon business more enjoyable and more profitable.

Our e-commerce fulfillment services include pick and pack, labeling, kitting, and order fulfillment, allowing for a streamlined and efficient e-commerce supply chain. Integration with shopping carts and call centers automates the order flow without requiring any manual uploads or duplicate data entry.

Tracking information can then be sent back to the platform or marketplace and shared with the customer immediately after shipping label is created.

Partnering with the volumed accounts, we offer our clients enterprise pricing level parcel shipping rate for packages shipped out from our warehouse, coving both UPS and FedEx.

Kitting logistics services that deliver peace of mind.

  • Custom kitting designed for your product needs
  • Combine multiple products/packages into single packaged kits
  • All kits bar-coded and linked to your WMS or ERP
  • Individual components to creation of new SKU’s
  • Individual product serial number scanning
  • Custom labeling and packaging of final kits
  • Kit localization for multi-country roll out
  • Inspection services to ensure quality control
  • Procurement of packaging materials
  • Inventory management

Benefits Of 3rd Party Warehousing & Distribution Service

Scalability – As your company enters new markets, introduces new products or the seasons change, inventory levels and transportation needs will naturally follow suit. 

Efficiency – Multiple shipments to different locations can be accomplished in a more time efficient manner, rather than sending sporadic shipments.

Reduced capital expenditures – Avoid acquiring warehousing space and infrastructure and instead leverage our space and services.

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