Paramount Logistics

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Fulfillment Quotation

This calculator is used to provide a rough estimate. Actual charge will vary, depending on multiple factors. This estimate is assuming that you will have the correct identification labels put on your shipments as required by Paramount Logistics Inc.

Miscellaneous fees

Operation Type Description Unit of Measure Cost
Shipment Handling Fee 3rd Party Account Shipping Label - UPS/FedEx/USPS Per Label $2.00
Shipment Handling Fee 3rd Party Account Shipping-Freight LTL/TL , include BOL handling Per Shipment $15.00
Special Labelling Fee Affix special label including labor Per Unit $0.35
Photo/Scanning Fee Capture and Send Picture electronically - first picture free of charge Per Picture $2.50
Labor Fee Labor ordered Per Hour rate $40.00
LA/LB Port fees Pier Pass & Clean Truck Fee (CTF) Per Container $45.00 per 20ft container
$90.00 per 40ft container